Quality is the key to Success

Imperial Metal Company strives to provide a quality finished product for the steel construction industry. We achieve this goal through our quality control program that is implemented on an everyday basis. Our quality control program was created to ensure that each member of our management and fabrication team has the common understanding and knowledge to work together to ensure that each project meets or exceeds the customer’s needs while delivering a project that is on time, within budget, and is a success.

AISC fabrication and ASTM quality standards

Imperial Metal Company encourages the designers, construction firms, and owners to build with steel by assisting them with the resources within our firm to make sure their project is designed and fabricated within AISC fabrication and ASTM quality standards.

We Take Pride In Our Work

Our team takes great pride in every aspect of what we build. Every aspect from pre-construction to fabrication to the environment in which we work. We believe that a clean, organized, and maintained facility will, in turn, run more efficiently and will create a better and safer work environment for all. We feel this belief will foster a positive effect on the outcome of each project.

Our Appreciation

We appreciate the trust you have in our team and the opportunities we are given. We will continually work to make ourselves better.