Custom Metal Stairs

Metal stairs are typical for most industrial and commercial applications indoors and outdoors. Standard egress stairs are the most common type. A decorative metal monumental or curved staircase can be a unique design adding class and professionalism to any building. A well-designed metal staircase is much more than just functional. It can be the first thing customers see when they walk through your door.

Metal Stair Types

  • Metal Stairs
  • Industrial Stairs
  • Metal Stairs
  • Aluminum Stairs
  • Custom Stairs
  • Curved Stairs,
  • Monumental Stairs
  • Egress Stairs
  • Decorative Stairs
  • Architectural Stairs
  • Mezzanine Stairs
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Ships Ladder

Imperial Metal Company has over 40 years of experience in fabricating custom metal stairs.

If you’re in need of custom metal stairs in St Louis, Contact Imperial Metal Company at (636) 343-8825 today for more information on your next project.


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